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Start Thriving!


Thrive Fitness provides a holistic approach to wellness and fitness in a personal training setting.

Customized Training Options

  • Online Training (Fitness & Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching)
  • Virtual & In-Person Training
  • Virtual Group Workouts
  • Wellness Workshops & Presentations
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screening)


Getting Started

With Thrive Fitness, you will receive a complimentary initial consultation, which includes a review of your health history and applicable health assessments based on your training goals (20-30 min).

During this process, we’ll discuss any health challenges you may have… prior joint pain, injuries or surgeries; flexibility or mobility limitations, or other medical conditions that might affect your ability to exercise.



We offer convenient training options which give you the options to train at your home, an outdoor location, virtually, or a combination to best suit your needs. Establishing a training program with Thrive Fitness gives you peace of mind that your workouts will be customized to your specific goals, yielding great results.

Online Training

Customized workouts delivered to your inbox

Packages starting at $150 per month



Includes all of the above +

  • Bi-weekly 15 min. coaching calls (Zoom or phone)
  • Weekly Zoom workout class & recording
  • Software subscription w/ nutrition & healthy lifestyle support

$300 / month


Includes all of the above +

  • Weekly 15 min. coaching calls (Zoom or phone)
  • 2 x 45 minute virtual training sessions
  • Weekly yoga class + recording
  • “Fundamental Movement Patterns” e-book
  • “Developing a Home Workout Program” Resource Guide

$600 / month

Monthly (4 weeks of training)

45 minute sessions

$50 per session

1-on-1 Training

Convenient Training Options

At Home: Think convenience! I come to you; I bring all of the equipment or we utilize your equipment.

Outdoors: We meet at a park or trail. I bring the equipment. Fun and out of the box workouts incorporating park benches, resistance bands and other outdoor props.

Virtual Training:  Train anytime/anywhere, using your phone, tablet, or computer. Workouts customized to accommodate whatever equipment you have available.

Functional Movement Screen

We believe that all training programs benefit by starting with a FMS evaluation. Quantity without quality of movement can lead to muscle imbalances and injuries over time. Addressing these muscle imbalances (which we all have) can drastically improve the body’s overall balance & performance, and help avoid future injuries.

• Movement Screen (30 min)
• An accompanying exercise routine to address mobility and stability limitations
• Digital access via FMS App to videos and descriptions of each exercise included in your custom routine


Zach started Thrive Fitness in April 2019, with a vision to offer personal training beyond a typical gym setting, while still accommodating various client needs and goals in their preferred workout setting.

Zach is a Certified Personal Trainer through NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association) and trained in the Functional Movement Screening (FMS-Lv2) and Y Balance Test (YBT). He is a certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a TRX Qualified Trainer. With over 5,000 hours of working with clients, he provides effective programming that delivers results.


When Zach is not working with clients, he enjoys being outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, discovering new restaurants and spending time with his wife, son, and daughter.



I, like many people, tried so many times in the past to lose weight and get healthy. I’d stick with it for months and then quit when I hit some kind of roadblock. Since starting with Zach 5 months ago, I have lost over 36 pounds, more than 15 inches overall! I have become much more active – some days, I even WANT to work out. And when I do workout (like a walk) I can go further in less time and it feels almost effortless. My eating habits are WAY healthier. I am eating a lot more vegetables and virtually no junk!

Though I’ve hit a roadblock here and there, Zach has patiently guided me around them. I have made great progress and I am confident that the lifestyle I am establishing is sustainable and something I will maintain for the rest of my life.

~ Jenny B.


“… a professional with a heart for realistic goals and measured client success. He is knowledgeable in both physical training and healthy nutrition and knows how to personalize each client ‘s program to individual needs and abilities.”


“Training with Zach twice a week has allowed me to do everyday activities more easily and with much less effort than it used to take. It’s helped keep me active and exercising consistently. I’ve exercised my whole life and can’t imagine not doing it. As a distance runner, I’ve had several injuries throughout my time running competitively. Since training with Zach, I’ve been injury-free! Zach keeps the workouts lighthearted and enjoyable and I always look forward to the humor he brings to our sessions.”


“I’m 62 years old and I’ve been a teacher and student of yoga for most of my life. When I reached menopause I started having difficulty with the balance and posture. Through working with Zach, I’ve now regained my balance and my confidence with balance postures. I’ve gained something through this process that I haven’t gotten from any other work out routine. I feel more balanced and I’m continually improving in strength and flexibility.”